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Back in the 1940’s residents of Holland, MI enjoyed eating at Hoffman’s in downtown Holland, MI. In the 1950’s Hoffman’s was sold and the name of this fine diner was changed to Galtz’s Restaurant. In 1964, the restaurant was purchased by Bill Sikkel, now a former mayor of Holland, who changed the name to the Windmill Restaurant. Almost two decades later, Terry McMurry and his family bought the restaurant and continued the tradition of homemade comfort food.

Looking to add a specialty dish to be known for, Terry developed the now famous Windmill Hashbrown Omelette, which is based loosely on a casserole recipe that he had seen. After a number of attempts and lots of “you can never make that work” type of comments, Terry perfected the now famous omelette and it has become a staple of breakfast-loving stomachs throughout West Michigan and beyond.

The Windmill Restaurant spoils your taste buds with delicious home baked bread (wheat and white), cinnamon rolls, hash browns, soups, chili and more! Two of their signature sandwiches are the “Down on the Farm,” a BLT with made from scratch egg salad on Windmill’s own home made bread and “Charlie’s BLT” a BLT featuring delicious tuna salad on Windmill’s home made bread.

Serving breakfast or lunch all day long makes the Windmill Restaurant a favorite for everyone whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat or a full meal after a long evening shift. The team at the Windmill Restaurant is as familiar as the food. Terry, his wife, Karen; their son, Curt; their daughter, Amber; and son-in-law, Mark all work at the restaurant, as do a niece and two of their sister-in-laws.

If you’re looking for genuine food done right you owe it to yourself to visit this diner-inspired restaurant located in downtown Holland.